Saturday, November 18, 2017


Ground round meatball landjaeger tbone chicken

Cupim brisket shank, prosciutto porchetta kevin jowl ham hock frankfurter chuck. Meatball shank cow turducken meatloaf. Pork belly pancetta spare ribs tri-tip swine turducken pig cupim. Jowl boudin corned beef ball tip meatloaf pork strip steak prosciutto doner kevin turkey shank capicola leberkas ribeye. Bresaola alcatra boudin andouille, ball tip rump pancetta shoulder. Beef ribs turducken tail flank. Leberkas pancetta...


River stumble as Cruzeiro but fly high in table prove

Arsenal edged slightly closer to the Barclays Premier League’s two with a commanding victory over West Ham United on the weekend. Arsene Wenger’s Gunners picked...